AIEFI aims to empower the American Muslim community through services that help strengthen their businesses or investments to achieve long term financial goals and continue to flourish in the country. Although Muslims residing in metropolitan areas enjoy a better living than those living in surrounding areas, there still are gaps between educational and professional environments of Islamic finance.
Majority of the Muslim business community in the United States runs restaurants, oil and gas stations and pharmacies, however, a large number of Muslim professionals are also making a difference in the fields of medicine, law and finance. AIEFI is determined to bridge these gaps through training opportunities and consulting services as specified below:
Whether you are an individual or a company, as a member you have the privilege to benefit from AIEFI’s wide range of services customized for your success in the American as well as global economic and business environment. Our services are based on the following four principles:

  • Accessibility: reliable and fast access to information, consultancy, professional grooming and training.
  • Authenticity: professional and reliable financial intelligence, Sharia knowledge and experience based on authentic religious scholarly views
  • Legal Expertise: professional team promoting member interest through testimonies, white papers and legal advice, as well as facilitating with trade documents and creating relationships with other Islamic finance and business communities.
  • Business Insight: in-depth and expert insights to its members through research, publications, business assessment, academic and professional development support to corporate and educational institute.
With its objective to cultivate and facilitate flourishing business opportunities for American Muslims, AIEFI is dedicated to help them obtain and sustain upward mobility. It also aims to help:

  • Establish minority owned franchise beyond metropolitan boundaries
  • Facilitate young entrepreneurs understand market conditions and opportunities
  • Identify effective ways of collecting data and distribute information
  • Identify and establish business networks through industry customized conferences and events
  • Create opportunities for business groups to expand their business network
  • Establish transparent business solutions based on Sharia principles
In order to achieve these objectives, our services are designed in the areas of:

  • Business Assessment
  • Academic Support to Universities and Educational Institutions
  • Training and Professional Development for Corporate and Educational Institutions
  • Islamic Trade and Investment
  • Research and Publications
  • Certified Business Solutions
AIEFI helps companies with certified business solutions geared toward capital growth, diversify sources of income and improve operational efficiency. These solutions are backed by due diligence and industry-tested methods of gaining strength, quality improvement and customer-oriented service delivery.
The Certified Business Solutions include the following service portals:

  • Financial Reporting and Analysis: AIEFI is nation-wide institutional setup providing financial advisory services and promote fair and transparent financial reporting to corporate clients. The financial reporting and analysis includes accurate representation of financial statements especially for financial institutions following Islamic Finance Service Board [IFSB] standards. At AIEFI, we also support our member companies with financial standardization as per Sharia law, accounting and auditing services. As a member company, you may also benefit from our services of asset and liability management, funds management, Return on Investment (ROI) calculators, capital budgeting, revenue reconciliations and leveraging.
  • Compliance: Sharia-compliant financial inclusion is an answer to thousands of Muslim entrepreneurs, professionals and business enterprises looking for sustainable Islamic financial models and products. Sharia-compliant financial products have also galvanized among regulators, financial service providers and other financial stakeholders. Financial tenets enshrined in Sharia challenge the financial sector, business community and academicians with sector’s ability to sustain the service and successfully implement the model within the region.
Our team helps make this transition or a startup with sharia compliance much smoother and easier for the corporate sector while providing a learning curve to the academicians.
  • Islamic Trade: At AIEFI, we facilitate our member companies with Sharia-compliant trade financing services which include trade opportunities, regulatory requirements, documentation and legal obligations of Islamic trade. We help build a consortium of trade associations that can mutually start a business or grow their existing business ventures. We help strengthen and standardize the process of Islamic trading by:
  • establishing new trade links
  • providing information about trade optimizing environment
  • assistance through letter of credit
  • Risk Management: Our risk management service assists Islamic finance professionals in identifying, assessing, monitoring and controlling risk to better run the business. Risk is unfavorable future events that can harness the operational and profitable business operation. The risk management objective for Islamic Finance is strategic, operational, financial and functional compliance. Risk Management is not about avoiding risk completely rather, it is facilitating businesses in taking calculated risks to balance the equation of risk and return. Islamic finance is challenged with Sharia-non compliant risk, market risk, rate of return risk, equity investment risk and displaced commercial risk for FIs.