About Us

Who we are

The American Islamic Economic and Finance Institute (AIEFI) is a 501(c)(3) consultancy and advocacy organization representing and promoting Islamic finance and economy for both Muslims and non Muslims in the United States.

What we do

Since its inception in 2014, it is committed to exploring new financial markets; facilitating Islamic trade, business and investment relationships; offering education; training and networking opportunities in Islamic finance and economy; promoting small and private-sector Islamic enterprise development; identifying and mitigating risks; and fostering economic prosperity at large in the United States.

Who are our audience

AIEFI represents you – you as a leading Islamic finance company, entrepreneur, business professional, investor, scholar in the field, or any other who is interested in the growth of Islamic finance and economy. With its high profiled network, AIEFI brings on board the most current Islamic finance issues attracting the participation of diverse audience. This helps engage our partners in productive dialogue while establishing new business opportunities and relationships.

Future of Islamic Finance

In the recent years, Islamic finance model has flourished globally – from the Middle and Far Eastern countries to the West with estimates reaching around $5 Trillion by 2017. The Model has grown multi-folds in the United States, too, as the American Muslim population continues to grow.

Islamic finance coexists well with the conventional American financial structure by offering diversified business and investment solutions that cater to the needs of Muslim Americans and socially responsible non-Muslim Americans alike. The Islamic Financial Service Board in the United States is involved in promoting the growth of the sector in a transparent, regulated and professional manner.